Following the end to Aron Afshar’s concert tours, we have interviewed Shahin Safdarzadeh ;a composer, singer,keyboard player ,and an orchestra pianist. His profession has given him the chance to play in the worldly-known concerts. Various pieces of music have been made and produced and a lot of memorable songs have been rearranged and recreated.

It’s interesting to know that Mr.Safdarzadeh is one of the fewest people who rhyms arranger keyboards professionally. In the follwing, you can find our interview.

First, tell us a little bit about yourself:

I am Shahin Safdarzadeh; a music arranger, singer, and composer born in Khordad 1371 in Shirvan. I am currently based in Rasht. I majored in software engineering but because of my interest in music, I am now working as a player. I also set rhythm on keyboards.

What made you choose music as your profession? What music background did you have?
I have been keen on music since childhood. When I was 5, I watched my brother playing and this made me interested in keyboard and piano. Then, I also got the opportunity to learn from Jordan Rudess videos and become an accomplished player at the age of 13 Moreover, by getting involved in this field for 25 years and traveling to different countries,
I could gain complete technical mastery of styles and genres such as Turkish, Azari, American, Arabic, Afqan ,and Kurdish.

Ÿ Well, you have worked as a singer, player, music arranger ,and composer. Which one is your main interest ? and why?

I am mostly interested in playing the keyboard. When I sit and start playing the keyboard, I just get so immersed in the music so a new piece of music is generated.

What is your best possible piece of advice for the young players who want to work in this field professionally and succeed in it?

I use modern and digital methods. I begin creating and brainstorming ideas based on the orders I am asked for or the requests I am made. Regarding the experiences I have gained and the trainings I have observed, I noticed that I can understand the orchestra and I myself sometimes lead an orchestra. The music pieces are recorded in my personal studio and then are mixed and mastered. In the end, the music is produced.

Can you give a tip or advice for young musicians who want to start working in this profession and succeed?
Musicians should prioritize their desire and interest at the beginning, because after basic training, practice and a great architect are in the mastery of a musician. Also, a good musician should be able to understand group work and coordinate well with his orchestra.